TR Stay Rebranding


TR Stay is a full-service property agency that combines sales, buying, leasing, hosting and property management services. The new system including online booking will start operating in 2018-19 financial year.

Logo comparison


The new logo has abstract shape and it is like an address pin at 45 degree angle. The T and R represents the founders of the company Tom and Rex.  New design joined them together and it becomes a company symbol.

Logo master, Chinese and responsive version


New logo symbolises brand spirit.  A welcoming, warm, straightforward, city living experience for world travellers.


TR Stay is skilling-up to be China-ready, adjusting to the need to provide the best interacting with their customer.  Therefore, a Chinese version of the logo is essential.


The TR symbol can be used as responsive version of the logo.  In digital, it can be used as website favicon, responsive header logo and app icon.  In print, it can be used on business card and letterhead as logo.

Minimum size and clear space


Logo should be given a good amount of breathing room to ensure it doesn’t fight for attention against other elements.


The minimum height of the logo is 12mm for printing and 64px for digital.


The clear space is 50% of the TR symbol size

Mono versions


Use mono versions of the logo where the full colour version cannot be used.

City versions


TR Stay offers serviced apartments and houses across Australia.  Each city logo uses the state’s primary colour.  For example, Melbourne uses navy blue which is Victoria state main colour.  Sydney uses sky blue as it is the harbour city and New South Wales state colour.



Core colours – top section
State colours – middle section
Supporting colours – bottom section



Primary typeface – Gilory Bold for headings and Gilory Regular for body copy.


Web typeface – Muli Extra Bold for headings and Open Sans Regular for body copy.

Grid system


A square grid is the key element to build the system.  It shows exact places where images and text should be.

Grid system examples


City posters use grid system to layout imagery and text.